1. Rental Cars

1.1. There are many cars at your choice and budget
1.2. With comprehensive Insurance Coverage
1.3. You could try one of them with Unlimited Mileages
1.4. They are in a very good condition, in terms of: Air Conditioning System, Sound System, Tires, Good Battery and Good Engine Performance.
1.5. Nice and clean both the Interior & Exterior 
1.6. Regular maintenance, inspection and replacement
1.7. Full legal papers and support documents

2. Renter's Possibilities, Saving and Choice

2.1. We are the only one in Cambodia where you could take a car for a self-drive or take it with a supplied English speaking driver
2.2. You could take one of them from anywhere any location around the Kingdom of Cambodia
2.3. Saving money and can explore to all the interesting places around Cambodia than using the public transport
2.4. The renter has more privacy and full of joy

3. Driver's Qualification, Experience and Capability

3.1. English speaking driver
3.2. Long driving experience, and knowing to all the interesting places in Cambodia, even they are under the water, on the top of the mountains, in the caves and on earth etc . . .
3.3. Skillful and Safe drivers
3.4. Well-trained, friendly, and helpful!

4. Owners and office staff members are working closedly with the customers

4.1. The owners and office staff members are always at the customer's disposal when in need
4.2. Office staff members are also well-trained, friendly and helpful