About US


Lyna-Garage.Com is a Christian-Family-Run business was found on 1 June 2001.


Our office based in Phnom Penh – Cambodia. It serves as an official working place for running the business between Local and International Customers.


Our services mainly focus on the Christian Missionary Teams, Christian Individual Vehicle Owner, Expat, NGO, OI, UN agencies, and Private Companies who own either personal and/or official vehicles. We are here to help them saving the high cost or to protect them from cheating of Vehicle Repairs Industry and support God’s Ministries and win people for Christ! Moreover, we aim to help the Royal Government of Cambodia reducing the poverty by offering the employment opportunities, to help training to local young students who graduating from NGOs and giving them the fair working condition.




Currently, there are many missionaries from different countries of the world to form Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), and International Organizations (OI), Cambodian Christians, Churches, UN agencies, and Private Companies owning either personal and/or official vehicles and need to find a good garage workshop who could deliver a reliable, honest, and integrity to help them fulfilling the task for this great mission.


Besides the garage workshop to servicing and maintenance the vehicles, we are setting up some other foreigner’s needs, such as:


1. Making Cambodian Driver’s License

2. Renew Cambodian Driver’s License

3. Doing visa extension

4. Buying Annual Road Tax for their vehicle(s)

5. Helping them to do the Bi-yearly Motor Vehicle Technical Inspection to their vehicles

6. Doing Vehicle Ownership Transfer after selling to another one

7. Helping them to endorse the missing vehicle’s documents, Vehicle Registration Card

8. Assisting them to buy a car or finding the customer to buy the car after their mission is ended




God raised us up to run this type of business to serve His people and His missionaries. We are having a heart to serve God, to win people for Christ, to help reducing the high cost, to saving their fund for their daily life and work to serve God.


With the respectfulness to both rich and poor, professional, responsibility, creativity, sensitivity, trustworthy, integrity, morality and help saving cost in Vehicle Repairing Industry, we can approach all the desiring of our both local and international customers and partners in the satisfaction manner.



Team Building


On-job training to all office staff members, professional drivers and the mechanic staff members. Production : Team Skill Building and Training. Promotion : Corporate Rate for Long-Term Vehicle User(s), such as: private company sectors, NGO, OI, UN, Embassy and private vehicle user(s).


Working Hours




07:00 AM to 12:00 Noon



01:30 PM to 05:00 PM


Office Address




No. 132, Street 432, Tumnop Teuk, Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh – Kingdom of Cambodia






(+855) 12 55 42 47 (Cambodian)



(+855) 12 924 517 (English)



(+855) 92 14 30 14 (Office)