Auto Trans Fluid Replacement

Replacement or change Auto Trans Fluid is must to change when drove about 2500-3500km or focus on using and on road. Example driving in city has heavy traffics. so, we must to change repeatedly Trans Fluid. It make heat Trans Fluid and vehicle drive follow farm or road have a lot of dust or drive across deep water. Example heavy rain on raining season so we must to change auto Trans fluid replacement in far overrun 2500km. If vehicle across deep water and water disappear middle wheel so you must to change auto Trans Fluid.Yon don’t keep more long time because it can destroy your Trans fluid. if vehicle drive or use in normal road that haven’t got heavy traffic you can prolong time until far about 3500km. Other more if you drive or use it a little bit you can change it during once in two years, but change or replacement you should take it go to garage or service auto trans fluid replacement. + Note: usually if we turn a screw of auto trans fluid it always flow the middle or 2/3 of oil in system. if you see the oil flow don’t good or dusty so you must to close screw and then drive your vehicle twice or third. Then come back and change oil during the oil heat. Other more the vehicle have filter of oil can take out so you must to clean it, but if it can’t take out you must to change it better than before.

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