Eyes Protection From Computer


Eyes protection always happen on your eyes when you watch computer for along time. So you must relax your eyes or don’t try to watch long time. Using your eyes are very strong all both, one is side of muscle in eye that have duty on picture and last side of muscle outside eye that have duty to pull the eye watch clearly. The other we would like to say we don’t focus on all eye protection include អាការៈឈឺចិញ្ចើមពឺតៗ ឈឺម្តុំសៀតផ្កា និង​ឈឺគ្រប់គ្រាប់ភ្នែក sometime it contaminate until nape of the neck, example sick spine. And all above you always worry about money. Sometime we must to check it a few and the answer to doctor say that you must to relax your eye, don’t have a bad feel or get medicine from hospital. But when the medicine lose power it happen again. So you are a good doctor for protect yourself. 1. Relax your eye more and more or often so it give us to do work for long time, have efficiency, reduce your forgetting and reduce your sick. The way practice: you must to pull out your eye from computer and then look far away or close you eye during 15-20 mn for protect these sick that happened on yourself and check your health once a year.
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