Driving On Flooding Road

As aware that most of the developing cities in the world, there are always getting flooded when there is a heavy raining and/or in the rainy season! In Phnom Penh and Siem Reap – Kingdom of Cambodia, there are also getting flooded when there is a heavy raining. Most of the roads and main streets are getting flooded, such as:
Main Streets:
Kampuchea Krom (125), Mao Tse Tung (245), Sothearos (3) (in front of the old National Assembly), Nehru (215), Monireth (217) and Norodom from Wat Phnom to the Monument etc…
Small Streets:
Street No. (182), Pasteur (51), Trasak Phaém (63) and the others small streets from Sihanouk Blvd. down to Boeng Trabek, Toul Tumpoung, Boeng Tumpon areas and behind the Royal Palace (84, 19) etc…
The safe driving streets while in the heavy raining are main streets, such as:
Russian Blvd., Norodom Blvd., Road No. 271 (Boeng Tumpon main road), Sothearos (3), Riverside road (Sisowath) and/or find out yourself etc… While you are in the flooding roads, there is an advice, you must move the gear shift from D to L and don’t turn the ignition to OFF. You must keep the engine running on and on. On the other hand, when the engine is stopped, please do not try to restart the engine. Otherwise, the water will continuously come through the air hose and destroy the air filter and spoil to every thing inside the engine. If the engine got spoil and damage, the whole engine must be removed to and/or replaced to the following parts: 1. Removing the bent Con Rod out, 2. Replacing the broken/burn out rings of the engine, 3. Replacing the Engine Head Gasket, 4. Replacing the Com Rod, and 5. Replacing the engine oil that mixed with water (in milk color). Fixing this problem, it will take times between a full day and/or one day and a half to complete the work.

In order to avoid this and when the engine is stopped at the first time, you must not re-start it. Just ask some ones to help pushing or pulling the car to the garage nearby. The garage will just replacing the engine oil, oil filter, dry the spark plugs, the gasoline distributors and/or electrical distributors etc… It will take about 1:30 to 2:00 hours to finish everything. After then, the car will be working as normal and start moving your business easily. If you follow these advices, your business won’t be stuck, you won’t waste your time and money as well.

Another most important thing, if your vehicle is consuming the DIESEL, when you realized that the Timing Belt is cut and/or disconnected, please do not try to starting and starting to the engine. Doing like this, it will serious damage to the following:

1. Bending to the Exhaust Camshaft, 2. Bending and destroying to exhausted valves, and 3. Destroying to the head gasket etc . . . How do you know when is the Timing Belt is disconnected and/or Cut?

  • When driving the vehicle and/or running on the road suddenly it stops,
  • When you try to do the re-starting, it has a difficulty to do so, and
  • If so, please do not try to re-starting the engine. . .
Exhaust Camshaft Exhaust Valves

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