Safe Driving In Cambodia

A. In Phnom Penh and Other Urban (Crowded) Areas Beware of junction, intersection and/or cross roads: You must slow down, stop and watch carefully. Because most of the motor bike taxi drivers, young motor bike drivers (students), the gangster motor bike and car drivers, they always drive very fast and most of the times they do not care to the next. We have so far found most of the accident happened in these areas.
Dropping off/Getting out of the car: Before opening the door to drop off and/or to get out off the car, you must first look carefully. We have also found most of the accidents happened because of the carelessness of the drivers and passengers. This kind of accident, the insurance will not be covered.  
Before doing the overtaking, you must look into the front, if there is no anyone from the different direction and safe, you may do that,​​​ Try to save the animal life: First, save the animal life and also save your life. We have found so far, theacci​ent happened by hitting into the Cow, Buffalo, Pig, and Dog etc . . . which could caused injure and/or die on both prties.
M     oreover, ​​   when this kind of accident happens, most of the vehicles could  not  move  forward, because of damaging to the radiator and the cooling sys​Cow, Buffalo, Pig and Dog: When you see any of these animals on the roadside, you must slow down your speed. It could just walk into your vehicle by panic-tricken of something, or when you are horning at them and/or by one of them try to do the chasing into one another. Have A Wonderful Trip In Cambodia!