Motorcycle Ownership Transfer

In the article …. of the Department of Public Work and Transport, mentioned that “all the local and the foreign vehicle  and motorcycle owners should have them transferred the ownership by this department, when buying it from the 3rd-hand Vehicle and/or Motorcycle that had already the License Plate on it”.

Apparently and at the moment, it is optional for ownership transferring!

Here are the following preceding registered license symbols and the purposes:

1. ONU (United Nations Organization) 2. OI (International Organization) 3.  CD (Diplomatic Agency) 4.  NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) 5.  2A – 2N (Private User), and 6. There are more for Governmental Official, Police and Soldier, Senate and Assembly Official.

The duration of doing the Vehicle and Motorcycle Ownership Transfer will take more than one-day work. After the completion, you will get the Provisional Receipt. The real Vehicle/Motorcycle ID Card will be ready between one  to two months or so, if there are not so many public holidays.

For your further information about the processing and the documents requirement, please kindly through to the below-mentioned details:

  1. Copy of your passport,
  2. Copy of your entry business visa (the entry visa must be in business),
  3. Three photos in the passport size,
  4. Your National Driver’s License plus Cambodian Driver’s License,
  5. House Lease Agreement,
  6. Current Address Certificate endorsed by the Section Leader where you are currently living.
  7. Bill of sale from the car seller shop
  8. ID Card of the car selling owner

Regarding to the price, it depends on the year/model and horse power of your vehicle and/or motorcycle!

Should you require any further information regarding to the above-mentioned and/or any either personal or official assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your disposal.

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