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We have long and long-term experience of buying either the used (2nd-hand & 3rd-hand) vehicles and the new ones for both the local and the expat people. We always do the-current-car-price-market updating in all for the used (2nd-hand & 3rd-hand) vehicles and new ones. We have also strong knowledge of doing the general inspection to all of them. We can either identify you the history of the used vehicles.
Technically, we could also teach you how to easily identify and understand to find out the past history accident record of the vehicles, if you really love to. In the Kingdom of Cambodia, there are three options for the expat who wishes to do the vehicle shopping for either use within the family or for official use: Option 1: Buying a 2nd-Hand Vehicle (Used Vehicle), or the newly imported from overseas, such as: USA and other countries)
Option 2: Buying a 3rd-Hand Vehicle, with a Cambodian License Plate, and
Option 3: Buying a New Brand Name Vehicle, which had never been used in Cambodia. Usually, we do not encourage the expat to buying the vehicle, if your stay in Cambodia is uncertainty. You must know and/or understand that your stay in Cambodia must be more than 2 years, otherwise, renting a car with self-drive or with a English speaking driver is encouraged. The reason is that buying the vehicle while you are in the uncertainty and suddenly you decided to dispose it, then you will lost more money than hiring a car. The depreciation is high in Cambodia. Owning a car, your burden of payment shall be the following:
1. Prepare the budget to buying a car,
2. New License Plate which would cost you just only once and last for the whole life of the vehicle,
3. Transferring the ownership is required for the 3rd-hand car,
4. Annual General Inspection once every 2-year times,
5. Annual Road Tax,
6. Annual Insurance Coverage, and
7. Regular Maintenance, Replace and Repair etc . . .
Advantage of Buying the Used (2nd-hand) and/or Locally Used Vehicle (3rd-hand one)
If you are not so serious considered about the beauty and/or the long used of the vehicle, the 2nd hand and/or the 3rd-hand one is very good for your either a short-stay and a long-stay. The 2nd-hand and/or the 3rd-hand one could also last long, if you take the right one and you must do the regularly check and maintenance by any trustworthy garage nearby your place. You will pay less money and lost small amount of money when you wish to stop using and disposing it at the end of your stay in Cambodia. Disadvantage of Buying the Used (2nd-hand) and/or Locally Used Vehicle (3rd-hand one) There are not so many problem, if you take the right one and do the regular check and maintenance plus the very good history, good record and good care from the previous owner. Take times to find the very good condition one. Not easy to find the right one and the very good one. If you happy to put more budget for the very good condition one is very easy to get it.
Advantage of Buying the New Vehicle from the Local Import Authorized Dealer
If you are so serious consider about the beauty and/or the long used of the vehicle, the new one is very good for your either short-stay and long-stay and it could also last long. Last longer and pay more money at once and pay small amount of money  for post regular maintenance and servicing. You will be under a-year warranty by the local authorized imported dealer for doing the regularly check and maintenance. Very easy and fast to find and get it. Spend less time to get it.
Disadvantage of Buying the New Vehicle from the Local Import Authorized Dealer
There are not so many problem, if you do the regular check and maintenance by garage who sold you the new car. You will lose half of the price when you are suddenly disposing it.
Things to be inspected before buying the 2nd or the 3rd hand vehicle
1. Engine Performance
1.1. To find out the overhaul (items need to be replaced and/or repaired);
1.2. To find out how much percentage of its condition and the past history of head gasket broken, by doing the engine idling etc . . .;
1.3. To find out all the quality of the engine components, such as:
(1). belt system,
(2). pulley system,
(3). bolts, and
(4). nuts in the engine chamber;
2. Body Condition
2.1. Checking the underneath of the vehicle, such as:
(1). frame,
(2). chassis, and
(3). body condition in general, to find out the rust;
3. Suspension System
3.1. Checking the underneath of the vehicle, such as:
(1). Arm Controller,
(2). Shock Absorbers,
(3). CV/Ball Joints,
(4). Tie-rod sets,
(5). Boots and Bushing sets, and
(5). All the related suspension components are cut and rejoined or not? Consultation and inspection fee is US$100.00 of the original value of the vehicle after the success. The mentioned price is not including the purchasing general maintenance as in the below-mentioned.
The reason, we recommend you to do the following, because we have never known about the use of the previous owner whether they did take good care of maintenance or not? So the following items must be done after the purchase of the vehicle, such as:

1. Engine Oil Replacement
2. Oil Filter Replacement
3. Power Steering Fluid Replacement
4. Gearbox Fluid Replacement
5. Rear/Front Differential Fluid Replacement
6. Brake Fluid Replacement
7. Air Filter Replacement (Optional)
8. AC Air Filter Replacement
9. Radiator Coolant Replacement etc . . .

Should you require any further information regarding to the above-mentioned and/or any either personal or official assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your disposal. Please do not buy a vehicle, a motorbike and/or a motorcycle which has not complete documents. It will cause a lot of trouble, cost money and headache!
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