Car Care Tips
The following is a simple list of car care tips provided by Lyna-Garage.Com on maintaining your vehicle for maximum safety and efficiency by yourselves before starting the car in the morning: DON’T BE LAZY IN THESE! IF YOU ARE LAZY, IT WILL MAKE YOU CRAZY!

Water Level: Check water in all the radiator, reservoir and wiper container to make sure there is enough level of water. The car is like a human being when he/she is working hard, running or in the hot weather within a few minutes will soon get thirsty. Most import thing when parking at night time, we will never know the rate or mice cuts the radiator’s hose or some other related hoses might be out of date for the long used car.
Breaks and Fluid Level: Check brake fluid level and its quality regularly and the brake system to make sure that your car has enough brake fluid and the brake system is working properly. If your car pulls to one side when breaking, this is usually an indication that the brake pads and shoes are worn out and need replacing.
Engine Oil Level: Oil is the blood of your car’s engine, you should always use good quality engine oil and  the correct amount for your car engine. Old oil damages engine so maintaining a regular oil change through a regular service schedule intervals, if so, it will prolong the long life of your car’s engine. Always check your oil level and quality when your engine is cold, make sure that you use the correct type of good quality engine oil.
Power Steering Fluid Level: Always keep it at the right level in MAX and it must be in good quality
Battery:  It is a very important sources of power! If you are using the refilled battery, it is also important to do the regular check to the acid water level in the battery. Keep clean the terminal connectors to make sure that they are connecting firmly. If the battery is a dry cell one, the thing you need to check is terminal connectors and keep always cleaned the terminal connectors.
Belt System: In terms of safety and enjoy in driving the vehicle, all the belts must always be kept in good quality and no any cut.
Fans: In terms of safety and enjoy in driving the vehicle, they must always be properly checked to see whether they are working in the order, no any deformation and no any noise from the fans.
Lights: In terms of safety and enjoy your trip, light bulbs and alignment are vital. You should have spare bulbs for your vehicle, at least for your headlamps. Regularly check your headlights, indicators, side lights, brake lights and fog lamps for your own safety.
Tires: Regularly maintain your tire condition, pressure (at least 2.3 kg) and tread depth (at least greater than 2mm). Ensure that there is no slow punctures, and bulges etc . . .
Windscreen: Make sure that your windscreen is free from cracks. The cracks weaken the structure of your windscreen and increase the likelihood of further damage.
Safety Checks: Your car should always be examined to make sure that safety equipment works effectively, such as:
  • Brake System,
  • Lights System,
  • Power Steering,
  • Seat Belts System,
  • Anchor Points,
  • Tire Wear and Tread,
  • Airbags are not restricted, and
  • Horn works effectively.

We all know that safety is of paramount concern in the modern world!  These should always be carried out at least a minimum of once every three months. As soon as you notice a crack in your windscreen, either get it replaced or repaired. Make sure that your screen wash never runs dry, this essential for a clear views, especially on long motorway journeys.

Ultimately, you need to look after your car with regular service intervals. In the long run, this will prolong the life of your car, add to the resale value of your car and save you money.

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