Lyna-Garage.Com is a Christian-Family-Run business was found on 1 June 2001. Our office based in Phnom Penh – Cambodia. It serves as an official working place for doing business between Local and International Clients. Our services mainly focus on the Christian Missionary Teams, Christian Individual Vehicle Owner, Expat, NGO, OI, UN agencies, and Private Companies who own either personal and/or official vehicle. We are here to help you saving the high cost or to protect you from cheating of Vehicle Repairs Industry and support God’s Ministries and win people for Christ! Moreover, we aim to help the Royal Government of Cambodia reducing the poverty by offering the employment opportunities, to help training to local young students who graduating from NGOs and giving them the fair working condition.

General Checkup Is Always Free Of Charge!

We offer a Comprehensive Checking Service for your car by using the latest diagnostic technology plus our skillful with long-experienced: 1. Mechanics/Technician, 2. Suspension 3. Transmission (Auto and Manual), 4. Electricians (repairs/rewires), 5. Air-Conditioning Specialist 6. Knockers/Welders, and 7. Painters etc . . . Servicing The Vehicles At Lyna-Garage.Com Includes Checking The Following Components:

  • Air Filter (Induction Air Filter Replacement)
  • Water in the Radiator, Reservoir, Coolant and Hoses (Pipes)
  • Water for Washers, Wipers and Quality of the Washer Blades
  • Engine Oil and Filter Quality
  • Brake Fluid Quality
  • Gearbox/Transmission, Rear Axle, Transfer Fluid Quality
  • Power Steering Fluid Quality
  • Battery Terminals and Leads
  • Auxiliary Drive Belts
  • Vacuum Pump and Valves
  • Brake System Discs, Pads and Drums
  • Handbrake Mechanism
  • Tire Conditions, Tread Depth including Spare Tire, and Wheel nuts
  • Timing Belt Quality
  • Fuel Feed Lines
  • Doors Check, Straps and Hinges
  • Exterior/Interior Respective Control Lights, and Warning Gauges
  • Hood Latch and Safety Catch
  • Ignition, Spark Plugs, and Glow Plugs
  • Pollen Filter Replacement
  • Service Interval Indicator
  • Underbody Condition: Suspension Linkages, Ball/CV Joints, Tie-Rods Set, Drivershafts, Gaiter, Propshafts, and Boots

It is vitally important to service your car at regular intervals to maintain the mechanics of the car, reduce overall wear and tear which will reduce your costs in the long run.  In our experience, many engine related problems arise due to insufficient and poor servicing resulting in excessive wear on the engine components. Contact Lyna-Garage.Com to arrange a regular servicing schedule with our comprehensive maintenance checks, utilizing our powerful diagnostic technology by our highly skilled technicians.

Working Days

Monday to Saturday – Sunday is holiday!

Working Hours

Morning : 07:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Afternoon : 01:30 PM to 05:00 PM

Public Holidays

International New Year Day : 1 January (1 day)
Cambodian New Year Days : 14-16 April (3 days)
National Pchum Ben Days : September (3 days)
Water Festival Days : . . . November (3 days)
Christmas Days : 25 December (1 day)

If you think that your vehicle needs to be serviced, please feel free to contact us:

Office Address

Address : #18ABE, Street 460, Toul Tumpong I, Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh – Kingdom of Cambodia
E-mail :
Tel : (+855) 12 55 42 47 (Cambodian)
Tel : (+855) 12 924 517 (English)
Tel : (+855) 92 14 30 14 (Office)